One Page SEO Really Can Make a Difference - Add Breadcrumb and You Will See

So you want to understand the magic system for ranking your site high on Google? Unfortunately, search engines are getting more and more complex which each update. Algorithms are getting more advanced and what you can do increase your rank is becoming more and more complicated.

Never fear, there are still many guidelines you can follow to increase your sites rank and boots its place in the search engine. You may read tips all over the internet with the newest way to get a high search engine ranking. Although, many of those tips might be good, if you are questioning the tip, it is better to stay way as some tips can be harmful.

My tip of the week is to use breadcrumb navigation on your website. A breadcrumb is a set of links at the top of the page that maps the deeper links of the page and how a visitor navigated to that page on your website. Search engines love breadcrumb, use it and you will see a difference.

Before you start doing any off site SEO make sure you have your on site SEO all wrapped up. Every single element of SEO is important; if you are doing one thing wrong the door has been opened for another site to be able to pass you.

Start out strong and you should have no issue getting to a higher search engine ranking. Search engines can all tell if you have taken the time to set up your site correctly, so make sure you do not give them any reason to downgrade your website.