Split Testing For The Highst Converting Checkout Page

PayGear has made several changes lately to ensure our vendors and affiliates are totally taken care of with all aspects of their business. One thing we have done that will directly influence your sales is improve our checkout page.

We have experimented with several styles and split tested each version. The style that has proven to be the best is the light blue clean style. PayGear has now implemented this style to capitalize on maximum sales for our vendors and affiliates.

This style also makes a clean layout for those who want to skin their checkout page to match their website look.  At PayGear we found checkout page styles that had our own branding all over the page actually converted less. Many purchasing customers who are not experienced marketers are confused when they are taken to a checkout page filled with the branding of another site. This is why we allow our vendors to completely skin the checkout page to match their website exact look.  This results in higher conversion and a professional clean look.

Getting customers to trust the checkout was also a big concern. To address this we tried inserting our SSL logos in different areas of the page. The highest converting checkout style had two SSL logos on the page strategically placed. We designed the page to have one SSL logo under the price, the spot everyone looks first when on checkout page, it's no wonder putting the "Secured By GeoTrust" logo under the price resulted in the highest conversions. We then followed that with the standard SSL image at the bottom as many customers have grown to expect.

At PayGear our checkout page is clean and easy to understand. Bold colors and randomly placed objects seem to hurt conversions. Our fiends at PayPal have also figured this out, but until everyone else does you can expect the highest conversion from the PayGear checkout page industry wide.