PayGear 6.0 Is Here

You may have logged in to PayGear this morning and noticed a few changes…

You will see several big and small changes throughout PayGear system, however the following upgrades are the main ones we wish to introduce you to.

We also want to welcome Coinbase to the PayGear family, now giving our members the ability to process payment through Bitcoin.

Upgrade 1

PayGear is now the world’s only two payment processor instant commission system! Vendors may now pay affiliates instantly by PayPal or by Bitcoin.

It does not matter what processor was used by the customer when the order was placed. Vendors may accept orders by, PayPal or Bitcoin and then instantly send their affiliate a payment in PayPal or in Bitcoin, whichever is preferred.

All instant commission payments are also protected, if there is a refund the affiliate payment will be pulled back from the affiliate and put back in the vendors account, both for PayPal and for Bitcoin!

Upgrade 2

PayGear has now implemented new and improved dynamic order buttons. No matter what type of sale the product is, PayGear will display all the details in the order button.

If it’s a onetime payment, a monthly payment, yearly payment, weekly payment, if there is a trail price and if so what is the payment type is after the trail or if there is a dime sale and if so how many are left at that price.

Just login and click the “Payment Button” link under your product to see all the new flashy order buttons you can use. We tested 18 buttons and six different elements in all to see which ones had the absolute best conversions to qualify at PayGear.

You will not find better order buttons anywhere!

Upgrade 3

PayGear has implemented a new dynamic profit graph so you can easily see how much money you have made over any period desired. Change the graph to see any period type you wish, view the whole month if you desire.

Upgrade 4

PayGear will now host vendor products. Have a PDF you want sell? Use PayGear's file hosting service and built in thank you page to deliver the product to your customers.

Upgrade 5

PayGear will now offer affiliate bonus products. Affiliates can upload their own bonus to the offer and only customers who purchased through that affiliate link will receive that affiliate bonus. Add your bonus directly under Promote >> My Affiliate Products >>Add Bonus.

Upgrade 6

PayGear has added improved WSO features as well as added to its system. Bonus affiliate products and PayGear product hosting also available for both special offer services.

Upgrade 7

PayGear has tested eight checkout page designs and come up with a page that is sure to delight and increase conversions. The beautiful new checkout page is not only the best looking in the industry, but also likely the highest converting checkout page as well.

Upgrade 8

PayGear will now host your images that need SSL coding for free. Just login and select “Get SSL Image” to upload your images to our secure server, we will then generate the new SSL link for you. Perfect!

Come see why PayGear is the world’s most powerful affiliate management solution. See why PayGear never stops pushing the industry forward offering several unique features only to PayGear!

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