Biggest Customer Concerns With Affiliate Marketing in 2014

We are now well into 2014 and we can look at some of the directions of affiliate marketing and how the trends are changing over time. How are things going to change moving forward?

1. What is one of the biggest frustrating things about businesses is that many of them are not set up for mobile commerce. One of the most frustrating things online shoppers face is the fact that the retailer’s website is not set up for shopping on a tablet or other mobile device.

How frustrating can it be when you go to checkout and the buttons don’t work and you have to wait and go to your computer and reload the page to checkout. Too frustrating! The affiliate will likely lose the sale when the customer moves to a different machine or just decides not to purchase all together.

Why are so many retailers taking so long to get up to speed? If retailers want to be successful and have their affiliates happy they better get up to speed with responsive websites that deliver a quality experience on all types of devices.

2. While Mozilla may have put their 3rd party cookies on hold, it does not mean the controversy is over. In fact, Mozilla is working with Stanford University Cookie Clear house to figure out a better way of tracking 3rd party cookies. They plan to have the new ability finished this year, so keep an eye out.

Cookies are a  huge part of affiliate marketing and you can expect something to be out soon

3. People still prefer to see some items in brick and mortar stores. More big time stores are going to come up with new ways to present a online product to customers while keeping their showroom so that they do not hurt future sales.

There has to be improved competition here or Amazon is just going to run away with it. Amazon can keep their prices low, but they do lack the ability to give us what we want, a show room so we can see what we are buying before we buy it.

4. You may have seen some news about marketing networks moving overseas. This does make sense after all when you consider that the ecommerce sale estimate has exceeded a billion dollars last year. The pay for performance set up allows these companies to access knowledge and smart people to test the waters with a lower investment of capital.

So many things are moving overseas, it is no wonder there is another industry that is now taking their business there as well.