API Set-Up (Your Payment System)


Setting up the API only takes a minute, this will allow you to have complete operations over your payment processor directly from your PayGear account. Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible and once you link your API you will be able to do everything you need to directly from PayGear control panel.

Note: Vendors, after you set your API you must also set your IPN. Click here for IPN set up.

  1. You can link the payment processor or your choice by selecting "Commission Station" tab and then selecting "Manage Payment Processor" link. On this page there will be three sub tabs, one for PayPal, one for Authorize.net and one for Coinbase (Bitcoin). You may link just one or all three, just keep in mind the more payment options you give the better for your customer. PayPal and Authorize.net are the most popular. If you want to get merchant processing and a free Authorize.net account click here.
  2. When you click the sub tab of the payment processor of your choice you will be given complete step by step instructions on this page. Each processor is only a few steps and can be set up in just a minute or two.

    Once you have linked your API you are now ready to add your first product.

    PayPal API Set-Up

    1. First, note that API access will only work with a Paypal Premier or a Paypal Business account.  If you only have a Paypal Personal account, this would be a good time for a free upgrade.
    2. Log into your Paypal account on PayPal.
    3. Choose “My Account," then “Profile."
    4. Choose the "My Selling Tools" option then the link entitled “API Access".
    5. Click "Request API Credentials" and then "Request API Signature".
    6. Check the agreement box, and click on “Submit."
    7. Under “Setting up API permissions and credentials" select option 2 “ View API Signature."
    8. You’ll see your API Username, your API Password, and your API Signature.  Insert those in the appropriate fields on your Manage Payment Processor page in PayGear.
    9. Choose “Save" and you’re done!

    Authorize.net API Set-Up

    1. Log into your account on Authorize.net.
    2. Select the "Account" menu at the top.
    3. Choose “API Login ID and Transaction Key," listed under Security Settings.
    4. You’ll see your API Login ID. Enter this in the appropriate field on your Manage Payment Processor page.
    5. Answer the Secret Question you chose when you set up your account.
    6. A new window will open with your Transaction Key. Enter this in the appropriate field on your Manage Payment Processor page.

    Coinbase (Bitcoin) API Set-Up

    1. Log into your account on Coinbase.
    2. Select "Settings" from the side menu.
    3. Select "API" listed under top menu.
    4. Press the "New API Key" button.
    5. Create your new HMAC API Key with all permissions and then enable it.
    6. Once your API is generated enter it along with your API Secret in the appropriate fields above.

      Click Here To See IPN Set-Up Details (Vendors Do Not Skip This Step)

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