Digital Access Pass IPN Set-Up


Many types of website software, including DAP, require an instant payment notifications (IPN) URL to be inserted, including PayGear. However, PayPal and all other payment processors only give customer one IPN URL to enter into their system. This can create a problem for more advanced websites that need to enter multiple IPN URLs.

PayGear has developed a solution to pass our own IPN through DAP users

  1. To set make sure you first set your IPN into PayPal as listed on our IPN set up page.
  2. Next log into PayGear and create your product under My Products page then Add New Product.
  3. Under the Advanced User Settings section insert:
    • IPN Secret Code: This is a random string that you make up yourself that is also entered into the DAP software. Each product you create will use the same IPN Secret Code.
    • Page URL to receive PayGear IPN: This is the DAP IPN URL you will insert to receive instant payment notifications. Also be sure to checkmark the above box to make the IPN active.

Your PayGear product is now set up and ready to work with your DAP website!

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