IPN Pass-Through (Multiple IPNs Required)


Many types of website software require an instant payment notifications (IPN) URL to be inserted, including PayGear. However, PayPal and all other payment processors only give customer one IPN URL to enter into their system. This can create a problem for more advanced websites that need to enter multiple IPN URLs.

PayGear has developed a solution to this problem by passing the additional IPN through its system and to your other applications as needed.

  1. To set make sure you first set your IPN into PayPal as listed on our IPN set up page.
  2. Next log into PayGear and access the Account Home >> Account Details page. At the bottom of the page under the Payment Processor section you will notice the following:
  3. Here you can enter another application’s required IPN URL for your desired payment processor. Your payment notification will then be sent though PayGear and routed to your other program so it receives all its notices as well.

  4. Now just go to the product page and check the box indicating the extra IPN is required for the product. That’s it! Your site is now receiving both the PayGear and any other application IPN updates.
  5. Note: It is not necessary to fill in the additional IPN URL on this page unless you wish to override the account wide IPN on the Account Details page. Only needed if you have a product with a different IPN URL you need to rout that is not the account wide one set previously.

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