Affiliate Sign-Up Page Set-Up


The PayGear affiliate sign up page allows vendors to have their own PayGear page that can be used to acquire new affiliates. There are two different options for your affiliate sign up page. You may use the "Default Layout" with general pre-written text describing the affiliate program, or you can use the "Custom Layout" and match the look and feel of your website exactly.

  1. You may edit your affiliate sign up page by selecting "My Products" and then selecting "Affiliate Sign Up Page" under the product you wish to edit.

  2. At the top of the affiliate sign up page you will see two options, "Default Layout" will be selected by default. This is a pre-generated page that has all your basic affiliate program details listed. You may also include additional text at the bottom of the default layout if you desire. The custom layout option allows you to completely design the affiliate sign up page as you see fit also giving you the ability to skin the affiliate sign up page to match your website's look exactly.

    Note: You do not have to send customers directly to your affiliate sign up page, you may instead send them to a landing page, have them opt-in and then send them to your affiliate sign up page. To set your landing page click the "Click Here For Custom Affiliate Landing Page URL" at the top.

  3. If you want to use the default sign up page you are done at this point. If however you desire to use the custom affiliate sign up page the first step is to set your web site URL. This allows PayGear to locate the website your images or other needed files are on. For example, if you are using image URLs like <img src="images/picture.jpg" /> PayGear will know what website to look on to get those images.

  4. Use the place holders provided on the editing page to build your affiliate sign up page within your favorite HTML editor. Make sure you include at least the sign up and login URLs. Now copy all your HTML code from the HTML editor you used to create your affiliate sign up page and paste it into the page content area on the edit page. That's it, your affiliate sign up page is complete, just press the "Save & Preview" Button and see how it looks.

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