Shopping Cart Transaction Report

About PayGear

The shopping cart transaction report is very similar to the standard transaction report. If you have a shopping cart set up you can have your customers purchase several products in one transaction. These orders will then be bundled in your shopping cart transaction report.

  1. You may access your shopping cart transaction report page by selecting “Sales Report” and then "Shopping Cart Transaction Report" from the menu. Here you will notice the search boxes and filtering system as well as a very clean easy to understand table.

  2. You can open the shopping cart bundle and view the individual products purchased by clicking the arrow to the left of the order. Here you can see additional details or refund orders as you did with a single transaction.

    Note: If an item was sold in a shopping cart as in the example below, three purchases in one transaction. You may refund only one order out of the three. You do not have to refund the whole cart like with other similar services.

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