Transaction Report

About PayGear

The PayGear transaction report is a very power reporting system. You will be able to see and control virtually every aspect of your order from this menu. Vendors may look up orders by PayGear order number or by transaction numbers given by PayPal,, or Coinbase. There is also an array of filters which will assist you in identifying the order you desire to find.

  1. You may access your transaction report page by selecting “Sales Report” from the menu. Here you will notice the search boxes and filtering system as well as a very clean easy to understand table.

  2. If you click the "More Details" link under an order you will be given additional details. This additional table will detail the exact date and times of payments. When the customer sent payment, when vendor paid affiliate commission, and when the PayGear fees where paid. Then just click the "Less Detail" link to close.

  3. Clicking the customer name will open a box with email and shipping address if one was required.

  4. Clicking the "Change Order Status" link will allow vendors to refund customers right on the PayGear website. Once your API is set you will never have to leave our website to perform any task you need to perform including refunds.

  5. On the change order status page you can then change the order status to "Refund" and then press submit. Your order will instantly be refunded.

  6. Finally if you are selling a recurring fee product the subscription number will appear under the order.

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