Billing Set-Up


PayGear members have the option of transaction billing or monthly billing. All vendor accounts by default will be on transaction billing. This only charges you when you make a sale, monthly billing charges you a flat monthly fee of $97 for unlimited transactions.

To list a product in PayGear you need to have a credit card listed or always carry a positive balance by prepaying your fees. If you prepay your PayGear fees you will receive a discount on fees and your card will never be charged. When you have a negative balance we will bill your card for the previous period. If you do not list your credit card and go into a negative balance your products will be disabled, so it is highly recommended to leave a credit card.

  1. To set up your credit card first select the "Account Details" page, you will then need to decide if you desire monthly or weekly billing. If you select monthly billing we will bill your card on the first of each month. If you opt for weekly billing we will bill your card for the previous week's fees on Monday.

  2. Finally you will need to add a credit card, to do so just click the "Add/Edit Credit Cards" button.

  3. If you decide you want to active the flat monthly billing, good for larger vendors, and eliminate all transaction fees you may also do so under the "Account Details" area.

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