Manage Affiliate W9 Forms

Tax Services

If a vendor is using our tax service they are restricted from paying an affiliate that has not created a PayGear tax profile if that next payment is going to cause a transfer of $600 or more on the year. This payment will be put on hold until the vendor receives the required W9 or the affiliate claims they are not living in the US or a US citizen.

  1. You can see which affiliates have submitted or not submitted a W9 form by selecting "Selling Tools" tab and then selecting "Manage Affiliate W9 Form" link. This page will list your affiliates, how much you have paid each affiliate on the year and then either a green link to download their W9 or a red link that if pressed will send an email to the affiliate with details on how they can submit a W9 so they can receive your payment. Once a W9 is on file for the affiliate vendors must go back and resubmit any payment that were put on hold.

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