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PayGear comes with a clean dynamic reporting graph representing your revenue as well as a table that calculates your financial statics when you login. With PayGear you can control your graph and table to display the exact time frame or sales type you desire. For example, when you login you will see a display for all sales within the last week, but you may change that to display only affiliate sales and the time frame you desire. All other sales types are also available to sort.


Credited Fees : This is what PayGear fees you have paid in the time period. In the example below this vendor paid $200 sometime within the last 7 days.
Earned Fees : These are fees you have earned based on people you referring paying their fees.
Sales Count : This is the total sales you generated within this time frame.
Gross Sales : This is the total sales figures you collected during the selected time period.
Affiliate Earnings : This is the amount your affiliate have earned selling your products during this period.
Gross Earning : This is your earnings after affiliate earnings have been deducted.
Gross Refunds : This is the total amount in dollars that have been refunded.
Refunds : This is the number of refunds during the selected period.
Back Commission : This is commission paid to an affiliate on an order that was later refunded. This amount will be deducted from that affiliate on this next payment.
Net Refund : This is the amount of dollars refunded by you after affiliate refunds are deducted.
Total Profit : This is your total profit in dollars for your selected period.

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