Downline Link (JV Brokers)


Some products offer a 2-tier affiliate program, which means the vendor pays affiliates commission on level one and level two. Second level commission means paying a commission to an affiliate who recommended to someone else that they too should join your affiliate program. So if John tells Sally she should join your affiliate program and Sally makes a sale, then John will receive a second level commission. Just the feature any JV broker is looking for in an affiliate manager.

  1. You may acquire your downline link by selecting "Promote" and then selecting "Manage Campaign" under the product you wish to recommend.

  2. If the program has a 2-tier affiliate program this page will also contain a section with a link in it called "My Downline link". If you wish to recommend to others that they too should join this affiliate program and resell the product this link will give you credit for the referral and put all signups in your downline. This is perfect for JV brokers to refer new affiliates.

  1. You can then check to see who has signed up under your recommendation by selecting the "Selling Tools" and then the "My Downline" link from the menu bar.

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