Instant Affiliate Payments (Affiliates)


As an affiliate would you rather receive your money two weeks after the sale or right away? Well the answer is obvious. That is why we have integrated instant affiliate commission into PayGear. Now vendors can process orders on any of the PayGear supported gateways and then instantly pay their affiliates through PayPal or by Bitcoin through Coinbase.

As an affiliate it only takes about a minute to set up your account to receive instant affiliate commissions, alright let's get started.

  1. You should already have your API set up at this point for PayPal or Coinbase, but if not make sure you set it right now. API set up details can be found by clicking here.
  2. Next authenticate your PayPal account. You may do so by clicking Commission Station and then selecting Manage Payment Processor. You will notice a checkbox next to "Authenticate My PayPal Account". Check this and then select save.

  3. Once your account is authenticated it will automatically enable instant affiliate commissions through PayPal.
  4. To activate instant affiliate commission through Coinbase go to Account Home and then select Account Details and scroll down to the Instant Affiliate Payment Options. Here you can turn on or off Bitcoin as well as PayPal.

    That is it, you are now all set up to receive instant affiliate commissions.

    Note: Not all vendors pay instant commissions. You may view the product in the marketplace to see if it is available. Products will state if they pay instant commission on their listing.

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