Affiliate Payments


Vendors pay their affiliates directly in PayGear. There are three different methods vendors can take advantage of to pay affiliates which are described below.

  1. Instant Commission: Vendors may set their accounts to send payments to affiliates right at the point of the sale, this is known as instant affiliate commission or instant affiliate payments. As soon as the affiliate makes a sale the payment is sent via PayPal or Bitcoin. PayPal is the first instant commission option by default, if the vendor or the affiliate does not activate PayPal then Bitcoin is checked next. If neither is set up it defers to monthly commission.

    If a vendor offers instant affiliate commission they will have an instant commission notice in their marketplace listing. It will either state "All" which means all affiliates get instant commission from the start. Or it will state "On Request" which means the vendor must approve you for instant commission.

  2. Monthly Commission: If this is the method your vendor uses they must send payment in the month following the month the sale was made.

    For example, if an affiliate made 10 sales in the month of May the vendor must send payment between June 1 and June 30. If the vendor does not send payment by the last day in June the payment will be considered late. It is best to find out directly from your vendor about their payment schedule.

  1. Weekly Commission: Although not very popular, vendors may also pay commission weekly if they are using PayPal Payments Pro. This will automate the affiliates commission for the week every Monday.

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