My Affiliate Products


The "My Affiliate Products" page gives affiliates everything they need to promote the program of their choice. When the program is selected to promote either in the marketplace or on the affiliate sign up page, the program will be added to the affiliates "My Affiliate Products" page.

  1. You may access your affiliate products by selecting "Promote" and then selecting "My Affiliate Products" from the menu bar. Here you will see the title of each program you have selected to promote with several options inside.
    • Manage Campaign : Gives you your affiliate link, tracking links, and downline links. (Detailed below)
    • Promotion Tools : Gives you access to all the promotion tools vendors wish to supply to their affiliates.
    • Remove : Removes the product from your "My Affiliate Products" page.
    • Quick Link: Gives you your affiliate link and commission rate.
    • Add Bonus: Allows you as the affiiate to add a bonus product to the purchse. Only your referred customers will get access to your bonus product.
    • Disapprove/ Approve This Vendor To See Your W9 From : If you see a red link saying " Disapprove This Vendor To See Your W9 Form" then that vendor currently can see your W9 form. This means you have given this vendor access to your W9 and can send you affiliate payments as required by the Federal Government. If you click this link it will change to a green link of " Approve This Vendor To See Your W9 Form" this means your account is currently blocking the vendor from seeing your W9. As an affiliate you certainly have the right to do that, but you will not receive any affiliate payments by law.

Manage Campaign

  1. By default your promotions page will consist of an affiliate link and an affiliate tracking link (affiliates can add as many tracking links for your program as they desire). Obviously tracking is also included. To open the affiliate tracking link and detailed stats click the name of the product under “Campaign Name”.

  1. You can ad as many tracking links as you desire, by hitting the "Create New Campaign" button in the top right hand side of the page or you may create tracking links by just adding ?tid=myword to the end of your standard affiliate link. Replace the "myword" with any word you like and PayGear will automatically create the tracking link for you once the link is put into a browser.

  2. After you name your campaign it will now be listed under your default campaign name for the program. Here I named mine "adwords link", when I click on the link it will then open a new tracking link and report just for this new affiliate tracking link.

  3. If the program has a 2-tier affiliate program this page will also contain a section with a link in it called "My Downline link". If you wish to recommend others should also join this affiliate program and resell the product this link will give you credit for the referral and put all signups in your downline. This is perfect for JV brokers to refer new affiliates. You can then check to see who has signed up under your recommendation by selecting the “Affiliate Tools” and then the “My Downline” link from the menu bar.

  4. PayGear also includes a redirect tool that allows affiliates with their own website to download a redirect file with their affiliate link built in and upload it to their own hosting account. Instead of sending possible customers to an affiliate link this affiliate can now send them to the file on their own website. For example if I created a redirect file called recommended.html and I uploaded it to my website I could then send customers to the URL instead of my standard affiliate link.

  5. PayGear allows vendors to enter many more promotion tools. Vendors may add a tell-a-friend feature, articles, banners, email newsletters, fly-in-ads, text ads, and Google AdWords ads. It's a good idea for vendors to add these, as it will be easy accessible for all affiliates in one centralized place and it will have your PayGear affiliate username already inserted in the tool for you to copy and use. If the vendor has supplied these you will find them here.

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