Promote Affiliate Products


In order to promote products as an affiliate you need what is called an affiliate link. The affiliate link will track any traffic you send to the website you recommend. If someone you sent then makes a purchase you receiving a commission.

There are several ways to get your affiliate link, which are covered in the sections below.


  1. You may access our affiliate marketplace by selecting ”Promote” and then selecting “From Marketplace” from the menu bar. Here you will see a search area followed by a category list underneath.
    • Search Marketplace : Allows you to search by keyword in any of our categories or subcategories.
    • Product Categories : Allows you to list products in order, starting with the best selling product listed in the number one position. You can select a category to list or select the black arrow next to the category and open all its subcategories.

  1. When you access our marketplace you will be presented with a lot of information on the products listed.
    • Rank : Refers to how well the product sells. The product ranked number 1 has the highest selling score, we then rank all the way to the bottom of the list.
    • Product : This cell consists of product title, description, price and affiliate payouts listed in both percentage and fixed dollar amount.You will also see payout option types, which may include PayPal, Bitcoin or Check.
    • Promote : This is one way you can start promoting a product and acquire your affiliate link. Just press the "Promote" or "Request" button next to the product you wish to resell and it will be added to your "My Affiliate Products" section. The text will then change to "Promoting".
    • Details : The "More Info" link will give you additional statistics on the program. Details such as when it was added, refund rate, and if the program offers second level commission. If the program does offer a second level commission there will also be an asterisk next to the "More Info" link like we see in product 10 in the example below. The "Contact Vendor" link will bring up a new page so you can send the vendor a private message. If you have questions about this program this is the place to ask them.
    • Instant Affiliate Commission : If the vendor pays their affiliates with instant commissions there will be an "Instant Affiliate Payment:" under their product. Some vendors will set instant commission for everyone, others will be on request.

Affiliate Sign Up Page

  1. Affiliates may also add products to their ­"My Affiliate Products" area by joining the program though the vendors sign up page. The vendor will present you with page about their affiliate program usually linked from their website. Here you can sign up by using the join buttons on this page.

Direct Link

  1. Affiliates may also add products to their ­"My Affiliate Products" area by acquiring their affiliate link directly from the vendor. Some vendors have their own affiliate link generation tool on their website. If the affiliates insert their PayGear name the affiliate link generator will produce the affiliate link. If that link is used one time the product will then automatically be added to the "My Affiliate Products" area.

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