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Vendor Miscellaneous

If you are a vendor it is a good idea to get credit for your referral. When you bring in new affiliates to sign up to your affiliate program PayGear will give you credit for that referral. If you are using your Affiliate Signup Page PayGear will give you credit automatically. However, if you are using your own affiliate page make sure when you give the sign up link to PayGear it is your referral link.

  1. You may access your referral link by selecting “Promote” and then selecting “Promote PayGear” under the product you wish to edit. Here you will see two links at the top of the page, the first one is for our sign up page, the second one is for our home page. Either will work for referring new customers.

    You will also notice at the top it will indicate the total number of referrals you have signed up. In the example below this vendor has referred 512 people to their program.

  1. You can also recommend PayGear anyway you see fit. Each month we will credit your account a 30% commission for the fees each member you send us pays. So if a member you referred purchases a $1000 fee pack, you receive a $300 credit. You may use any of the banners, video, or predesigned blog reviews which we also supply on this page.

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