Prepay Bonus

About PayGear

One of the main reasons why PayGear was started was because we felt other affiliate management services were charging far too much per transaction, over 10% in some cases. PayGear offers the absolute lowest transaction fees anywhere. And even better vendors of PayGear can prepay their transaction fees to receive even further discounts. To see our complete fee structure please click here.

  1. To get a prepayment discount just click the "Get Pre-Payment Credit" from the menu bar. You can purchase prepayment credit in allotments of $100 up to $1000. The higher quantity you purchase the more bonus credits you will receive. For the exact bonus structure please see the graph below.

  2. To select how many prepayment you wish to purchase use the arrows in the "Calculate Bonus Credits" area. Every time you increase your purchase your bonus percentage also increases. The "Free Credit" area will give you an exact calculation of what you pay an what you receive.

    In the example below we see that the vendor is purchasing $500 worth of credit yet they are receiving a value of $687.50, that's a bonus of $187.50. Keep in mind that is already on top of the lowest fees industry wide. When you are ready you can check out with PayPal or Bitcoin at the bottom.

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