Coupon Codes

Vendor Miscellaneous

PayGear allows its vendors the ability to add coupons codes to their product. When a customer enters the coupon code on your checkout page that customer will receive a discount. Add one or more coupons so your customers can receive a special promotional price. You can pass the coupons directly to your customers or hand them out to all or selected affiliates to pass to their customers.

Note: A coupon window will only appear on your checkout page if there is an active coupon for that product. If there is no active coupon there will be no coupon window on your checkout page.

Note: Coupon codes only work with single transaction orders.

  1. You may add or edit your coupons by selecting " My Products" and then selecting "Manage Coupon" under the product you wish to edit.

  2. Click the "Add Coupon" button to add a coupon to the product.

  3. Select the discount type, this is if you want to offer a percentage discount or a fixed discount. If you wish to offer percentage do not enter any decimals or a percentage sign. For example if you wish to offer a 50% discount just enter 50 with nothing else like in our example below.
  4. Press the Generate button, this will generate am eight digit coupon code.
  5. Set status to active.
  6. Press add and your new coupon will be succesfully added to your product.

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