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Affiliates like nothing more than to receive their affiliate payments as soon as possible. What could be better than receiving a payment right when the sale happens. At PayGear we have the most powerful and safest instant affiliate payment system in the industry. We worked on our system with PayPal management so we would have the newest and safest form of instant affiliate commission possible. Our technology works though the PayPal API which also gives us more flexibility than any competing system.

PayGear is also the worlds only two processor instant commission system allowing our vendors to also offer instant commission in Bitcoin through Coinbase.

Not only can you process orders through PayPal and Bitcoin and send instant commissions, but you can also process through and still instantly pay your affiliates through PayPal or Coinbase. Amazing!

Vendors can set one affiliate at a time to receiving instant commission, approve all affiliates or only approve affiliates with a rating of 4 stars or higher, it is totally up to you.

Note: Affiliates receiving a high rating by having enough sales to quality and a low refund rate.

Set up only takes a couple of minutes, alright let's get started.

  1. First make sure you have mass payment enabled in your PayPal account, most accounts do. You can check by logging into PayPal and selecting Send Money >> Mass Payment. If there is a warning message then you do not have mass payment enabled. You can activate this feature by calling PayPal.
  2. You should already have your API set up at this point, but if not make sure you set it right now. API set up details can be found by clicking here.
  3. Now you need to set up your IPN link into PayPal. This is important as it will protect you in case of a refund. This will automatically reclaim paid commission when there is a refund on an order. To set your IPN click here.
  4. Next authenticate your PayPal account. You may do so by clicking Commission Station and then selecting Manage Payment Processor. You will notice a checkbox next to "Authenticate My PayPal Account". Check this and then select save.

  5. Once your account is authenticated you can enable instant affiliate commissions in PayPal. Select "Account Home" and then select "Account Details" link. Here you will notice the instant affiliate commission section. Select "Pay Instant Affiliate Commissions by PayPal".
  6. For those using Coinbase instant commission select "Pay Instant Affiliate Commission by Bitcoin (Coinbase)".

    Note: This will only enable to pay instant commissions. You must then either activate all affiliates to receive instant affiliate commission or only affiliates with a rating of 4 stars or higher in the product itself, alternatively you may turn affiliates on instant one by one. These methods are covered below in steps 7 and 8.

  7. To enable all affiliates to automatically receive instant affiliate commission upon sign up go to the "My Products" area and select the "Edit" link under the product you wish to edit. You may now select to enable all affiliates to receive instant affiliates commissions for this product, affiliates with an affiiate rating of 4 stars for this product or to manually approve affiliates one by one.

    Note: If you select to approve affiliates for instant with 4 stars are more, anyone under 4 stars will automatically be put on monthly.

  8. If you prefer to only allow a few selected affiliates of your choice to get paid by instant affiliate commission then select to manally approve all affiliates for instant commission. To change those desired affiliates to instant commission select "Selling Tools" and then "My Affiliates" link from the top menu. Select the "Show Affiliates" arrow under the product you wish to edit.

    Here you can select which affiliates to change to instant or deny them instant commission if they are already approved.

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