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PayGear gives its vendors the power to manage their affiliates as they see fit. You can require approval or deny access to your affiliate program if an affiliate is not following your guidelines. It's your business, you should set those guidelines yourself. For example is an affiliate bidding on your company name, if you do not allow this deny that affiliate from selling your product.

  1. Access the “Selling Tools” page and select the “My Affiliates” link from under the product you wish to manage.

    Note: Global Product will show affiliates from all products.

  2. This will open your affiliate management tool, notice the tabs at the top.
    • Promoting Affiliates : Gives you access to view an affiliate's profile, send them an email, deny access to resell your product, view the affiliates profile, approve or deny the affiliate instant affiliate commissions as well as see their affiliate rating. Rating is calculated based on on total number of sales and refund rate.
    • Pending Affiliates : If you require approval before your affiliates can resell your product this is where you give access.
    • Denied Affiliates : Affiliates you have denied land here. View who you have denied and regain access if you desire.
    • Email Affiliates : Sending an email under this tab will send to all affiliates promoting this product.
    • Statistics : Show you how many sales each affiliate has made.

  1. If there is a specific affiliate you are looking for, you can speed up that search by inserting their affiliate name in the search tool at the top of the page. You can find them in all your products or a specific product, you may also specify approve, denied, pending, or any of the three.

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