Kunaki Integration


Have a CD or a DVD you are selling, well you need someone who can print those CD's or DVD's and then ship them directly to your customer.

Kunaki is the leader for producing and delivering high quality fully assembled CD's and DVD's to your customers. Let PayGear handle the ordering and affiliate management while Kunaki handles the automatic fulfillment of that order.

How to automate the Kunaki /PayGear system together.

  1. First you need to link your Kunaki account to PayGear, you may do so by selecting "Account Home" and then selecting the "Account Details" link. Here you may scroll down and under the "Kunaki.com User Information" section you can insert your Kunaki username and password. Then select save profile.

  2. Now that your account is linked, you can set up specific products in PayGear to coincide with specific products in Kunaki.

    Log into your Kunaki account and access the product ID number. You can do this under the product details.

  3. Now access the edit product page within your PayGear account that coincides with this Kunaki product. Under Kunaki Prouct ID you will insert the ID number you just got off of Kunaki's website.

    Click the save settings button and you will now be ready to start processing orders and having CDs automatically shipped.

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