Custom Shopping Cart


The PayGear custom shopping cart page allows vendor to have their own website look and feel on their PayGear shopping cart checkout page. Making the custom shopping cart basically consist of designing the page first in your favorite HTML editing program. You may include all your images and css code as well.

Note: Because the PayGear checkout page is a secured URL it is best to use images on your page that are also secured. If your images are not secured the customer will get a message asking if they wish to display unsecured content. Free SSL image hosting by clicking here.

  1. You may add or edit your shopping cart page by selecting ” My Products” and then selecting “Customize Group Page” at the top of the page.

  2. There is a group drop down menu at the top of the page, select the group you wish to edit. All the products in the same group will have their shopping cart checkout page edited.

  3. Notice the “Placeholders” section on this page. There is only one placeholder for the custom shopping cart and it must be added to body area of your website template. Where you place the placeholder [[CheckoutPagePlaceholder]] is where our checkout system will appear.

  4. Enter your main web page URL. This allows PayGear to locate what website your images or any other files needed if you are using relative URLs. Make sure your images are also secured images as the shopping cart checkout page is a secured page.

  5. Set your shopping cart to active.

  6. Enter your custom shopping cart code. Just copy all your HTML code from the HTML editor you used to create your custom checkout page.  That’s it, your shopping cart is complete, just press the "Save & Preview" Button and see how it looks.

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