Shopping Cart Creation


PayGear now allows vendors to sell multiple products on a single checkout page. If your website sells several products you may insert "Add To Cart" buttons on your website and those products will be inserted into your PayGear shopping cart. When the customer has decided they are done shopping and ready to checkout they can then go through a single payment page and receive all the products they purchased.

Note: Shopping cart only works for single payment products. You cannot insert recurring payment products into your shopping cart. Also note, if the product has multiple payment options the shopping cart will only consider the first one.

  1. In order to set up your shopping cart you must have at least two products you wish to include in that shopping cart. You may including products in a shopping cart by selecting “My Products” and then selecting “Set Product Group” under the product you wish to including in a shopping cart.

  2. Here you will see your standard product edit page. Check the box next to "Include in Shopping Cart" and insert a group name. You may select any group name you wish, all products with the same group name will be included in the same shopping cart.

    For example, if I were to give Product A and Product C group name "G1" and the products Product B and Product D group name "G2" then A and C would be in one shopping cart and B and D would be in another.

  3. Now go back to the "My Products" page skim to the product you just set into a shopping cart. Notice the red "Set Product Group" link is now gone and replaced with "Add To Cart" button. Select this to get your add to cart buttons which you can insert onto your website.

  4. Insert the following code into the header of your website. This will allow PayGear to add the product to the customers cart in a clean pop up, the customer then never has to leave your website or the product page. Perfect for customers who want to keep shopping before they checkout.

  5. Select the style of shopping cart buttons you wish to use on your website. PayGear offers several colors to match the look and feel of your website. Copy the code next to the Add to Cart button of your choice and paste it to your website wherever you want the add to cart button to appear. Then select the View Cart button code and paste it into your website. This will bring the cart back so the customer can always checkout if they decide to keep shopping.

    Your cart is not set up and ready to start taking orders! Next you are going to want to style your shopping cart to match the look and feel of your website.

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