Product Set-Up


Initial setup video directions:

Extra features added after initial setup, access from "Edit" product page:

Setting up new products in PayGear is a very simple task, you do not have to wait several days to get your product approved nor do you have to pay any sort of activation fee. With PayGear you can be making sales in as little as a few minutes.

Note: Before you list your first product make sure you have at least one payment processor set up including API and IPN details. If you have not already set up your API details please click here.

Note: To use PayGear as a vendor and sell products in the PayGear marketplace, you’ll first need to enter data for one of your valid credit cards or prepay your fees. If you have not already added your credit card you can see details by clicking here.

  1. Create your new product listing by clicking "My Products" and then selecting "Add New Product" button. PayGear offers several different product set up methods. Discriptions are outlines on the product set up page. For complete set up details see video above.

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