Credit Card Processing Set-Up


PayGear offers several ways to collect payments online, but there is no method better than having your own credit card processor. It is cheaper, faster and a better overall experience for you and your customer.

If you need credit card processing, you can sign up directly by clicking here. We will supply you with everything needed to start processing credit cards directly to your bank account including the merchant account and the free account (normally $99).

It usually takes 24 to 48 hours to be approved. Once you have been approved you are ready to start processing orders via credit and debit card.

Here are the steps so you may start processing credit card orders on PayGear.

  1. Login into your PayGear account and select Commission Station then Manage Payment Processor and then select the tab. Follow the steps listed on the page to link your account.

  2. It is always best to ask for the customers address if processing by credit card. This is the best form of protection when fighting against fraud. Of course you can set your fraud protection for as weak or as strong as you prefer, but we recommend you select the "Request extra contact information" option under the product set up as illustrated below.

  3. If you collect address information this will be passed on to and can be used in the's Address Verification Services area. Once you are inside select Account and then Address Verification Services to access.

    You may set any security settings you desire, but at PayGear we recommend you select to reject an order if both the street address and the zip do not match exactly. For this setting select both the A and Z reject settings.

    Once done your account will be set up, safe, and ready to start processing credit card orders.


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